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In Smmart Services we have a team of specialists and lawyers

that respond to the needs of your company in relation to displaced personnel. We manage to the expatriation process, as well as compliance with the tax and labor obligations in Spain of your employees.


  • Hiring Policy. ​
  • Advice on the management of displaced employees.
  • We inform about the benefits and labor advantages on the Social Security of your company and its employees in international mobility. ​
  • Determination of compensation conditions and benefits of the mobility of international employees.
  • We review and write domestic or international labor contracts and letters of assignment for displaced employees.
  • We register your employees in Social Security at the Tax Agency.
  • We manage payroll and special agreements.
  • We also process Social Security continuity certificates in the country (s) of origin.
  • We inform and advise on everything related to special agreements and calculation of pensions.
  • Return conditions and other aspects that involve the mobility of employees.
  • Analysis of the different contracting options according to labor regulations and the needs of the company: freelance, commercial contracts, economically dependent freelancers.


  • Preparation of the income statement and its tax planning.
  • Processing of self-employed registrations, quarterly statements and booking of sales and expenses. ​
  • Processing and application of special tax regime for displaced employees to Spanish territory (RIRPF) or "Beckham Law". Once granted, we help them in the preparation and presentation of the corresponding declarations: form 149. ​
  • Advice on exemptions from personal income tax: Exemption for income received for work performed abroad (ARTICLE 7.P Law 36/2006). We have a web application for companies and employees that facilitates the management of this exemption application. ​
  • Preparation of the tax declaration of Non-residents: form 210. ​
  • Advice and processing of census obligations of employees upon arrival and departure from the country. ​


  • We are specialists on Immigration Law (visa and resident permits for your displaced workers).
  • We help your employees to look for long term and temporary accommodation. We also advise you on legal matters regarding rental and purchase-sale contracts.
  • We help in the search of schools for your children. ​
  • We provide our support services to facilitate communication with the authorities and the success of the procedures. ​
  • We assist you with your move and with the importation of your vehicles.
  • We do the exchange of your driving license and license plates for your vehicles.
  • We also assist you when you decide to leave. We help you to unsuscribe your supply´s services and unregistration from the city hall, tax advise, Social Security.

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We have technology tools designed in Smmart Services that allow us to create organized and highly effective workflows, to give immediate response in the management of displaced employees. Together with our multidisciplinary team we offer a global service that will cover all employee needs in relation to tax, labor and immigration issues

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