Classic and historic vehicles

Classic and historic vehicles

Classic and historic vehicles are authentic collectable items that embody the beauty and nostalgia of past periods in history. At Smmart Services, we specialise in the registration of classic and historic vehicles and offer you an integrated solution free of complications in order to register your vehicle.

We take care of all administrative details so that you can enjoy your vehicle with the peace of mind of knowing that it is correctly registered. Our aim is to provide you with a high-quality, personalised, reliable service.

Let us take care of the registration of your classic or historic vehicle, and enjoy driving with elegance and in style! For more information, contact us.


Personalised, professional, quality management.

Taxes and fees

We handle the payment of taxes and fees.

What does the service include?

We will guide you through each step of the registration process, providing you with specialised advice as regards the required documentation, legal procedures, and specific requirements for your vehicle.
We take care of the preparation of the required documentation and its submission to the competent authorities. This includes obtaining certificates of originality, technical reports, age certificates, and any other documents required for registration.
If your classic or historic vehicle has been imported from another country, we will take care of the procedure for approval and adaptation to Spanish regulations so that you can register it.
We provide you with assistance in preparing your vehicle to pass the necessary technical inspections for registration, ensuring that it meets established safety and emissions standards.
Once the process is complete, we will give you the official registration for your classic or historic vehicle, ensuring that it is fully compliant with the law and you can enjoy driving it on Spanish roads.
Do you still have questions?

Leave us your details and a Smmart advisor will contact you.

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