Temporary and permanent deregistrations

Temporary and permanent deregistrations

At Smmart Services, we take care of temporary and permanent vehicle deregistrations. If you need to deregister your vehicle temporarily or on a permanent basis, our team of traffic experts will provide you with a personalised service so that the whole process is easy and free of complications.

We take care of the whole deregistration process with the General Directorate of Traffic. We also offer you advice on all aspects relating to deregistration, such as legal requirements, deadlines, taxes, and fees.

At Smmart Services, our aim is to make the deregistration of your vehicle a simple process free of problems, offering you a professional quality service. If you need to temporarily or permanently deregister your vehicle, feel free to contact us.


Personalised, professional, quality management.

Taxes and fees

We handle the payment of taxes and fees.

Which type of deregistration do you need?

If you are not going to drive your vehicle for a time, you can temporarily deregister it. This type of deregistration is temporary in nature, with a maximum duration of one year (renewable upon expiry).
When a vehicle has come to the end of its useful life, it must be permanently deregistered in order to be removed from circulation.
Do you still have questions?

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Income Tax Declaration 2023​

We make your tax return ONLINE in a record time!​
It will take you 2 minutes to answer the questions needed and immediately your tax declaration case will be assigned to a manager.
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