Tax, accounting, and labour management

Tax, accounting, and labour management

At Smmart Services, we have a team of accounting, tax, and labour professionals who will provide you with personalised assistance according to the needs of your business. We will advise you so that you comply with all your legal obligations.

Our business experts will be at your disposal to help you with all tax, accounting, and labour procedures required for the administration of a company or business, ensuring that everything is done in a prompt and efficient manner.


Personalised, professional, quality management.


We provide you with legal support and advice throughout the process.

How can we help you?

When you register for an economic activity with Treasury, you will have to meet a number of tax obligations. One of these is to submit quarterly income and expenditure accounts. Our experts will help you submit the appropriate forms on the dates specified by the tax office.
Corporation tax is a tax that must be paid by companies and other legal entities on profits derived from their activity in Spain. This tax is calculated based on net profits recorded in the corresponding fiscal year, and is levied at a rate that varies according to the size and characteristics of the company. Corporation tax is a direct tax levied by the state, regulated by Law 27/2014 (the Corporate Tax Law). Our experts will submit your annual Corporation Tax statement for you.
Self-employed persons and companies that engage in business, professional, or artistic activities within Spain are subject to a tax on economic activities (IAE). This tax is also applicable to self-employed persons and companies that derive income from non-employment sources. Don’t worry: Our experts will take care of your registration for the tax on economic activities.
When running a business, proper payroll management is essential in order to ensure continued employee satisfaction and loyalty and to ensure legal and regulatory compliance. In our payroll management department, we handle the whole process in an agile, efficient manner, ensuring the punctual and correct payment of salaries, social security contributions, taxes, and other obligations. Furthermore, our team of highly-trained professionals is kept up-to-date at all times with the latest employment and tax regulations, allowing us to offer a quality service tailored to each company.

Accounting management is a fundamental pillar in business administration: it provides detailed information on the financial position of the company and allows management to make strategic decisions as appropriate. Our accounting management department offers a comprehensive, personalised solution to each company, adapting to its needs and characteristics. Our team of accounting experts manages invoices, balance sheets, accounts, and other accounting records, guaranteeing maximum precision and reliability. Furthermore, as a result of our experience we can optimise accounting processes, reduce costs, and avoid errors. Trust us for efficient tailored accounting management.

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