International mobility

At Smmart Services, we offer you professional international mobility and migration services provided by lawyers and technical persons who specialise in immigration. We guide and assist companies and individuals in compliance with legal requirements to travel to and reside and work in Spain.

Our services provide the necessary help so that procedures are easy and agile. To this end, Smmart Services has a multi-disciplinary team ready to help you throughout the immigration process and guide you in tax, labour, and social security procedures.

Solutions we offer

Global advice on immigration and international mobility services

Importation of highly-qualified talent.

Visas and residency and work permits

Residency and work permits for EU and non-EU nationals


Citizenship through residence
or marriage, or by descent

Solutions for recruiters and highly-qualified personnel

When we talk about the importation of talent, both within start-ups and within large companies, the HR department has to complete a series of procedures that, in principle, tend not to be part of the process for the recruitment of a new employee; rather, they are part of the relocation process.

As commonplace as they may be, these procedures can represent an immense workload for HR departments, and even define the length of stay of an “imported” employee. For this reason, we have created our Smmart VISA Smart platform, which systematises all these procedures, saving recruiters and workers time.

Income Tax Declaration 2023​

We make your tax return ONLINE in a record time!​
It will take you 2 minutes to answer the questions needed and immediately your tax declaration case will be assigned to a manager.
In case you are under the BECKHAM LAW regime, click on the following option: