Traffic reports

Traffic reports

At Smmart Services, we offer vehicle management and advisory services, including traffic reports. If you need a report for a vehicle for whatever reason, our team of traffic experts will help you obtain it.

We will request the vehicle report you need, whether it be a report on the background of a vehicle, an encumbrances report, or a VTI report.


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Which report do you need?

If you want to know the date a vehicle was registered in Spain for the first time, or if there is any incident that prevents a change in name of a vehicle or its use.
This report contains all administrative information, the name of the owner, the municipality where the vehicle is domiciled, its VTI history, its mileage, its number of owners, and encumbrances on the vehicle, among other technical details.
This report includes information on charges and limitations on disposal recorded in the registry of vehicles, as well as basic details for the identification of the vehicle.
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