International taxation

International taxation

At Smmart Services, we understand that the complexity and changing environment of tax laws can be overwhelming for expatriates and non-residents with economic interests in Spain. For this reason, our team of tax experts, who specialise in tax advice for expatriates and non-residents, are here to help you comply with your specific tax obligations in Spain.

We will analyse your situation and determine which taxes are applicable to you and what your tax obligations in Spain are. We will also provide you with personalised advice adapted to your specific needs, so that you can meet your tax obligations in an efficient and effective manner.

At Smmart Services, our focus is on providing a high-quality service and confidentiality and we work to guarantee total client satisfaction. If you are an expatriate or a non-resident with economic interests in Spain and require tax advice, contact us and see how we can help you.


Personalised, professional, quality management.


We will determine your tax obligations.

How can we help you?

We will help you complete Form 720 on the declaration of assets and rights overseas.
We can help you become a beneficiary of the special tax regime for posted workers, known as the “Beckham Law”. We will study your case and tell you which is the best option for you.
If you are a non-resident and own property in Spain, you must report using Form 210. Don’t worry: Our experts can help you and advise you on the fulfilment of your obligations.
Our experts can help you plan and manage inheritance taxes for non-residents.
Do you still have questions?

Leave us your details and a Smmart advisor will contact you.

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