Legalisation of documents

Legalisation of documents

In an increasingly globalised world, the need to legalise documents for their use overseas is increasingly widespread. Whether it is to study in another country, work for an international company, or establish a business in another country, the legalisation of documents in a fundamental requirement. In this context, we offer an integrated document legalisation service that facilitates the process and saves you time and effort.

At Smmart Services, our legal experts manage the whole process for legalisation before the competent authorities, whether domestic or international. We ensure that all documents are in order and meet the requirements stipulated by the competent authorities in each case.

Our service is ideal for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs who need to legalise documents for their use overseas. We offer personalised attention to guarantee maximum client satisfaction.

Trust us to legalise your documents efficiently and without complications. For more information, contact us.


Personalised, professional, quality management.


Documents legalised in the shortest possible time.

What does our service include?

We ensure that the document is legally valid and meets the requirements necessary in order to be legalised.
If the document must be presented before a notary public or competent authority for its authenticity to be certified, we will schedule the visit.
If the document must be legalised by the local government (e.g. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) in order to be valid overseas, we will arrange the legalisation before the competent authorities.
In some cases, the document must be legalised by the embassy or consulate of the country of destination so that it has legal validity in that country. Don’t worry: We will help you arrange the legalisation before the embassy or consulate.
In some cases, documents must be translated into another language for use overseas. In this case, the translation must be certified by a sworn translator or competent authority. Our experts will help you arrange the translation of the document, if necessary.
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