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Areas of service

Smmart Services specialises in offering integrated services in the following areas:

for businesses

We manage all tax, labour, and accounting issues, helping you meet the legal obligations of your company.

mobility and

We provide companies and individuals with advice on compliance with legal requirements to travel to and reside and work in Spain.

Vehicles and

We provide assistance to dealerships and individuals in all formalities related to vehicles and transport.

for individuals

We offer personalised advice to individuals across a wide range of tax, labour, and legal services.

All of a sudden, 50 years have passed

This year we want to celebrate the fact that it now 50 years since José Martín set out on his own path at Ronda San Pedro 42, Barcelona in 1973.

We want to pay tribute to him and to everyone who has made this possible. Today, we have a clear desire to lead our company with both our hearts and our heads, with the clear idea that the responsibility of a company does not end at its offices: companies are called upon to act and be part of the solutions that our society requires.

After half a century, the personal and professional development of our team and providing our clients with solutions, creating long-term relationships based on trust, remain our objective.

Helena Martin Mariño.-

All of a sudden, we feel more vital than ever

and with a clear mind, there is no other way than joy in life, work, and business.

Integrated advice for your business

At Smmart Services, we specialise in the incorporation of companies and the self-employed. We analyse and manage all tax, labour, legal, and accounting issues.

Tax advice

We offer integrated, personalised tax advice for your business.

Accounting advice

An analysis of the accounting behaviour of your company, for the management of your accounting.

Incorporation of companies

We help you incorporate your company, providing you with all the legal support necessary to do so.

Payroll management

We offer you an integrated service for managing payroll for your personnel.

Tax management

We will help you comply with all tax obligations.

Social security

We take care of all social security procedures for your personnel.

Vehicle traffic and transportation management

At Smmart Services, we have specialised in vehicle and traffic advisory and management services for over four decades. Our highly-specialised technicians in this area provide guidance and support to official dealers and individuals in all procedures related to vehicles and traffic in general.

The services most requested by our clients include:

Legal consultancy and procedures for individuals

At Smmart Services, we offer individuals personalised advice across a wide range of tax, labour, and legal services.

tax return

We submit your income tax return in a prompt, secure manner.

of documents

We handle the whole process with the competent authorities.​


We facilitate the entire process before the notary, from the preparation of documents to their submission.

Inheritances and

We provide you with legal advice on succession processes: National and transnational wills, inheritances.

Registration as

We arrange your registration with the Treasury and Social Security as a self-employed person within 24 hours.

appeals and sanctions

We advise you on and file the necessary appeals with the competent authorities.

Solutions for recruiters and highly-qualified personnel

When it comes to the importation of talent, both within start-ups and within large companies, the HR department must complete a series of procedures that, in principle, tend not to be part of the process for the recruitment of a new employee. Rather, they are part of the relocation process.

La confianza de miles de clientes satisfechos

Estas son las historias de nuestros clientes
que se han unido a nosotros.


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Campaña de Renta y Patrimonio 2022

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Income Tax Declaration 2023​

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