Vehicles and Transport


At Smmart Services, we have specialised in vehicle and traffic advisory and management services for over four decades. Our highly-specialised technicians in this area provide guidance and support to official dealers and individuals in all procedures related to vehicles and traffic in general.

Our focus is on guaranteeing that our clients enjoy a process free of complications. This is why we have a trained, decisive, efficient team prepared to help in all aspects necessary to ensure client satisfaction.

Services we offer

Personalised management and representation for the General Directorate of Traffic

Registration of new and imported vehicles.

Change in name

Change of owner of a used car or motorcycle.


Temporary or permanent deregistration of a vehicle for any reason.

Traffic reports

The history of a vehicle, encumbrances reports, or VTI reports.


Of driving licences, vehicle ownership certificates, or technical specifications sheets.

Exchanges of licences

Exchanges of driving licences from the EU, EEA, and countries with which Spain has an agreement.


At Smmart Services, we have professionals who specialise in land transportation and who will help you comply with legal administrative requirements that must be met in order to be able to focus on domestic and international freight transport of natural persons and legal entities.

We have a team that will represent you, follow up and obtain the resolution of each service, providing you with agile solutions in record time and without displacement.

Income Tax Declaration 2023​

We make your tax return ONLINE in a record time!​
It will take you 2 minutes to answer the questions needed and immediately your tax declaration case will be assigned to a manager.
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