At Smmart Services, we arrange duplicates of documentation for your vehicle with the General Directorate of Traffic. If you require a duplicate of your driving licence or of the technical specifications sheet, our team of traffic experts will provide you with a personalised service.

In the event of loss, damage, theft, or a change of details. we can also help you arrange a duplicate of your driving licence.

At Smmart Services, our aim is to ensure that obtaining duplicate documentation for your vehicle or of your driving licence is a simple, uncomplicated process, offering you a quality professional service.


Personalised, professional, quality management.

Taxes and fees

We handle the payment of taxes and fees.

Which duplicate do you need?

In the event of the loss or theft of, or damage to, the vehicle ownership certificate, you must request a duplicate of the same.
You must request a replacement of the vehicle ownership certificate if there has been a change in the characteristics of your vehicle (change of service, a significant reform, etc.), or there has been a change in the details of its owner (forename, surnames, business name).
The VTI card or electronic data sheet is the document that confirms that the vehicle is authorised to be driven on Spanish roads.
In the event of theft, loss, damage, or changes to your details (change in name the joint official language of the autonomous region, or change of gender) on a driving licence, you can request a duplicate. Your licence must be current at the time you apply for a duplicate; otherwise, you must request a renewal of the licence.
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