Other taxes

Other taxes

At Smmart Services we offer an integrated tax advisory service that will allow you to meet your tax obligations efficiently and effectively. The complexity of the Spanish tax system, which has more than 100 taxes, requires experts in the field to advise you at all times.

Our tax advice experts have extensive experience in the management of national, regional, and local taxes, which allows them to offer personalised solutions suited to your specific needs.

If you need comprehensive tax advice, contact us and find out how we can help you comply with your tax obligations efficiently and effectively.


Personalised, professional, quality management.


We will determine your tax obligations.

Which other taxes can we help you with?

We can help you complete Forms 650, 660 and 653, in the case of an inheritance.
We can help you complete Form 600 when you purchase or sell real or movable property.
The tax on the increase in value of urban land (IIVTNU), or municipal capital gains tax, is the direct tax applied to any increase in the value of a property during the years it is in possession of the owner, up until its ownership is transferred to another person. The capital gains tax is a municipal tax. Its implementation is determined by each municipality. While each municipality sets its own rates and regulations for its implementation, they must always comply with the state law that regulates this tax. But don’t worry. If you need to pay this tax, we will help you.
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