Tax advice

Tax advice

At Smmart Services, we have a highly-trained cross-disciplinary team with vast knowledge of the Spanish tax system. We specialise in comprehensive tax advice for natural persons and legal entities, and focus on providing personalised solutions suited to the specific needs of each client.

Whether you need advice on complex tax issues or are looking for a simpler solution for your taxes, our experts are here to help you optimise your tax situation and achieve your financial goals. Contact us and see how we can help you!

Services we offer

Personalised tax advice suited to the needs of each client
Declaration of assets and income

We submit your declaration in a prompt, secure manner.


Tax advice for expatriates and non-residents.


Advice on national, regional, and local taxes.

The Beckham Law

Did you know that if you are an employee posted to Spanish territory you can apply for the special tax regime for posted workers, known as the Beckham Law?

When accepted for the special Beckham Law regime, you will be liable for taxation as a non-resident (24% of income generated in Spanish territory over the course of the six-year life of the regime).

Income Tax Declaration 2023​

We make your tax return ONLINE in a record time!​
It will take you 2 minutes to answer the questions needed and immediately your tax declaration case will be assigned to a manager.
In case you are under the BECKHAM LAW regime, click on the following option: