Notarial transactions

Notarial transactions

In our day-to-day lives, we come across many procedures that require a signature and legalisation in the presence of a notary. From the purchase or sale of a property to the arrangement of legal documents, there is always a need for a professional who can certify the authenticity of our documents. To this end, we offer an agile and reliable notarial management service to ensure that your procedures are carried out without complications.

At Smmart Services, our experts in the legal department facilitate the entire process before the notary, from the preparation of documents to their submission and registration. We ensure that all documents are in order and meet the requirements stipulated by the competent authorities in each case.

Our service is ideal for individuals and companies that need to carry out notarial formalities in a prompt, straightforward manner. We offer personalised attention to guarantee maximum client satisfaction.

Trust us to carry out your notarial formalities efficiently and without complications. For more information, contact us.


Personalised, professional, quality management.


Documents notarised in the shortest possible time

What does our service include?

Documents must be prepared before they are submitted to a notary. These documents can include contracts, powers of attorney, and wills, among others. Don’t worry: Our experts will help you prepare them.
Once the documents are ready, the notary will go over them and, if necessary, correct them. The documents will then be signed by the parties involved. We will arrange for corrections to be made before the notary and schedule visits for the signing of said documents.
In some cases, documents can require additional legalisation, such as an apostille or consular legalisation. If required, our experts will arrange for their legalisation, where required.
In some cases, documents must be registered with a competent authority in order to be legally valid. We will take care of this process, or provide you with the necessary guidance to do this yourself.
We will provide you with copies of the documents signed by the notary (and, where required, legalised).
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