After gaining extensive experience at the law firm Obach-Sopena Abogados, in 1973 José Martín Robles set out

And established the foundations of what would eventually become Smmart Services.

That entrepreneurial spirit and enormous passion for management and providing service are still the same as those with which we began. We want to pay tribute to him and to everyone who has enabled us to get to where we are now with the same desire to work and serve society.

Today, our vision has a clear sense of the future that consists of turning our team into great professionals who can provide clients with value-added services in the field of consulting services and legal-administrative advice.

Our mission sees us lead our company towards solutions that constitute a commitment to our clients, creating long-term relationships based on trust and integrating ourselves into their day-to-day activities to achieve their objectives.

To do this, we are committed to a cross-disciplinary, interconnected office that can provide services in a number of areas: tax, labour, vehicles and transport, immigration, and administrative management. In this sense, we incorporate modern technology both in internal management and in relationship with our clients, continuously working on new projects to improve communication and efficiency.

At the same time, we are committed to talent and add young, trained people to our team, and collaborate with the Masters in Administrative Management program offered by the Universidad de Lérida, the Universidad de Barcelona and Universidad Ramon Llull. We also collaborate with training centres such as Femarec and Feina Activa.

In our training process, we are members of the Bar Association of Administrative Managers of Catalonia, the Barcelona Bar Association, and the Property Agents Association of Barcelona and Province. We are also active participants in the Barcelona International Community Day and in the International HR Providers association.

As part of our commitment to quality, this year we have started our ISO 9001 quality management certification process.

Our aim is to ensure client satisfaction and to have a team that is constantly improving and growing. These 50 years have consolidated within us the knowledge that contributing and serving others is what moves us towards an ever better future.

Helena Martín Mariño


Foundation of the agency

After different experiences within professional administrative law firms, José Martín set up on his own at Ronda San Pedro 42. The agency was founded together with Juan Luis Gimeno Burch.

New services are created

Services that initially focussed on vehicle and transport management extend into tax advice.

Expansion of services continues

The firm adds labour services to its range of services

The team grows

The addition of Helena Martín, the second generation. The company is incorporated as a PLLC.

Expansion continues

The Immigration Department is created.

Offices open

We relocated to our offices at Trafalgar 36.

The team receives a boost

José Martín Mariño joined the team in 2016.

We consolidate ourselves as a cross-disciplinary firm

The firm consolidated itself as a cross-disciplinary office offering advice and consultancy services in five areas: tax, labour, vehicles and transport, immigration, and support for management for individuals and businesses.

All of a sudden, we feel more vital than ever
¡50 years have passed!

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