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At Smmart Services, we have professionals who specialise in land transport who will help you meet administrative legal requirements so that you can focus on the domestic and international transportation of merchandise of natural persons and legal entities.

We have a team that will represent you, conduct follow-up, and obtain the completion of each service, providing agile solutions in record time and without the need for displacement.

Our experts will take care of the payment of taxes and fees, resolve disciplinary proceedings, provide you with support in the fractioning of debts with the tax office, updating changes of address, and file appeals, where necessary.


Personalised, professional, quality management.

Taxes and fees

We handle the payment of taxes and fees

How can we help you?

We will help you obtain the authorisation appropriate for your activity without displacement: MDL, MPC, VT, VTC, MDP.
At Smmart Services we offer a tachograph application or renewal service, both for drivers and for businesses.
Citizens of a third country that is not part of the European Union must have this certificate in order to be able to drive vehicles used to transport merchandise or passengers by bus, whether public or private, on behalf of others.
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